Our Clinics

Our Clinics: Spaces of Change

Whether you come to EBS to conduct research, to learn from others, or to seek treatment for your child, you know you have come to a place where individuals thrive. Our therapy centers (LINK TO CHILDREN’S THERAPY) have been built from the ground up. Every square inch has been thoughtfully planned to encourage collaboration and learning, and where children are inspired to reach their fullest potential.

Our clinics boast spacious therapy rooms with observations areas are equipped with high-tech video and sound. This superior design allows for uninterrupted observations by professionals providing consult and recommendations, for graduate students and university partners to observe best practice, and most importantly, for family members and educators to view the therapy model in practice. Our centers also feature large training areas for group training, workshops and presentations.

Our Facilities Include:

  • Multipurpose rooms for multidisciplinary evaluations and treatment
  • Sensory gyms with a rock wall, crash pit, and sensory swing with many options
  • Fine and gross motor rooms
  • Individual and group therapy rooms
  • Designated area for Activities of Daily Living (ADL), which includes a handicapped-accessible, fully working kitchen
  • Observation rooms for families and graduate students
  • Family consultation rooms
  • Spacious and welcoming waiting rooms with games, puzzles, books and more
  • Board rooms and training areas designed for collaboration
  • Full video and audio taping capabilities for data collection and analysis