Community Programs

Thinking Beyond the Therapy Room.

EBS is committed to serving the child, family and community to ensure that all children have access to the very best treatment, regardless of their socio-economic background. From nationally acclaimed charities to local neighborhood programs, we partner with organizations across the country, sharing our knowledge and resources.

We also partner with schools and social and parent groups to bring awareness to help improve the lives of persons with disabilities and their families.

“I have partnered with EBS for many years and I continue to be impressed with the dedication and creativity of the EBS team. They have no equal in the excellence of services they provide. They have an incredible team of speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, behavior specialists, special education specialists, psychologists, and more.”Peggy Velázquez, M.A., CCC-SLP

Spotlight on Community Programs


Life Skillz

Program for Teenagers/Young Adults in Phoenix, AZ.

Transitioning to adulthood is an exciting time—especially when you have the skills you need to be as independent as possible! Life Skillz focuses on fostering a higher level of independence in daily living and social skills. Therapists will help the group work on meal planning and preparation, shopping, money management, ordering at restaurants, and telephone/smart phone use.



Program for Young Adults in West Chester, PA.

EBS therapists help young adults jump into the details of their personal, work, and social relationships. Over 10 weeks, they explore the complexities of relationships, including the impact of social media, safety in romantic relationships, which situations are real versus fantasy, and what is considered healthy versus unhealthy. It’s therapy disguised as fun–and so much more!