Global Outreach

Improve Your Cultural Competence and Change Lives!

EBS Children’s Institute remains at the forefront of research in the areas of cultural competency and language difference versus delay. If you are passionate about working with children and families from different countries and cultures, EBS can help you make it happen through EBS United, our multicultural and immersion division. Whether you are a new graduate or a seasoned professional, EBS shares the latest research and offers a variety of opportunities so you can gain the skills you need to change more lives here in the U.S. and abroad.

We offer

  • Immersion Programs: Treat in another country where you can learn a new language.
  • Local Boot Camps: Intensive programs in your area to better equip you to work with children who speak English as a second language.
  • Learning Communities & Professional Development: Work closely with bilingual mentors to jump-start your career as a bilingual therapist or special educator.
  • Bilingual Certification: Achieve near-native proficiency to obtain your EBS United Certificate of Expertise in Serving Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Populations.
  • Cultural Competency Training and Certification: Get the training you need to deliver culturally appropriate services and gain an understanding of diverse values, beliefs and behaviors.
Do you have a research idea that will improve special education services and change lives? Or are you looking for training or a workshop that will help you remain on top of the latest knowledge and research in our field? We want to partner with you. Simply fill out this form, and we will reach out to see how we can collaborate.